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Your Responsibilities as a New Ohio Driver

Your Responsibilities as a New Ohio Driver

Nothing is more exciting to a young driver than getting their driver’s license and having the right to drive without anyone else in the car. It is a rush of freedom that also comes with some responsibilities. Failing to meet these responsibilities can end up with your coming face-to-face with an auto accident attorney intent on making you pay for your mistake.

In Ohio, teens can get their temporary permit at age 15-1/2, their probationary license after passing the required training and passing their driver’s test, and their permanent license after that. One of the first responsibilities a new driver has is to get insurance that will protect them and other drivers in case of an accident.

Auto accident attorney Kevin Attkisson of the Attkisson Law Firm explains that “When you get behind the wheel of a car in Ohio, you take on a certain amount of responsibility for the safety of other drivers.” All the laws that you studied to earn your driver’s license are expected to be observed every time you drive. If they aren’t and you cause an accident as a result, a person who is injured may file a claim against you for a personal injury.

Avoid Distractions

One of the biggest causes of accidents involving young drivers today is from texting, talking on their cell phone, or interacting with friends in the car. Everyone thinks they are capable of handling other things and still driving expertly. This thought was also shared by the thousands of teen drivers who have lost their lives in accidents because of what they thought was a “minor distraction.”

The Other Side of the Coin

We often hear about the pain and suffering of the victims of auto accidents that were caused by another driver’s negligence or recklessness. It is also important to look at the flip side of the coin to comprehend how far-reaching the implications of an auto accident can be. Imagine being seriously injured in a wreck that was your fault and learning that the other driver has met a similar or worse fate. Since the accident was your fault, you will be held responsible for the other driver’s injuries and they will have the right to seek compensation for the financial burden you have caused.

It doesn’t take a major accident to cause serious injuries to either party. Injuries that occur from seemingly minor fender benders may increase in severity over a period of months, interfering with the person’s ability to function normally in their career or recreational activities. Their quality of life is affected and the financial demands become increasingly overwhelming. Most people will be forced to seek the services of an auto accident attorney to pursue compensation before they can begin to live somewhat normally.

It is unlikely that there will be an end to auto accidents in the near future, in spite of the increase in technology used to make cars safer to drive. Until that happens, new drivers need to embrace the responsibilities that come with their driver’s license and victims who are injured through no fault of their own should rely on the skills of an auto accident attorney with their best interests in mind.

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